Acolytes and Servers

Acolytes assist in processions and at the altar. Servers at some services act as both acolytes and Lay Eucharistic Ministers.

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Altar Guild and Sacristans

Members work in teams to prepare the vessels, linens, and vestments for every worship service, and beautify the cathedral for Christmas and Easter.

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Coffee Hour Hosts

Extend the love of Christ after services by making coffee and providing light refreshments.

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Lay Eucharistic Visitors

LEVs are sent from Sunday services to take communion to those who are unable to attend church.

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Lectors proclaim God’s word by reading Bible passages and the Prayers of the People during worship.

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Order of St. Luke

Members of the Order of St. Luke the Physician (OSL) meet to study Scripture, especially the biblical stories of the healing miracles, as well as other books on Christian healing, and engage in healing prayer. OSL offers healing prayers during the 10:00 am service on Sunday, and at The Fountains Service (see below) on the first (and fifth) Sunday of each month.

All are welcome to join this healing ministry.

The order maintains a website for additional information:


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