From September – May, children celebrate their own Liturgy of the Word beginning at 9:45 a.m. in the lower level of the parish hall and rejoin their families at the offertory. There are two programs: 

Preschool Children through age 5 gather in the Children’s Chapel and listen to a story each week using a modified Godly Play method. The children sit in a circle with a storyteller who quietly shares a story using props such as a desert box, wooden figures, felt pieces, and other materials. The storyteller then invites the children to wonder about the story and to expand on their responses though art, puzzles, books, or other playful “work”. 

Elementary Children ages 6 and older gather in the double classroom where they explore God’s promises in their lives through a curriculum designed for Episcopalians, Weaving God’s Promises. Class sessions are structured around the Holy EucharistGathering, Telling the Sacred Story (Liturgy of the Word), Prayer (Prayers of the People), Sharing (Holy Communion), and Sending Forth. Within this structure there are creative projects, engaging stories, play, and snacks accompanied by earnest discussion. 

Junior and Senior High Students are invited to assist with the young children.

Following their lessons, all children come together to celebrate with music through the leadership of Ron May, Director of Music Ministries. They participate in services on special occasions—on All Saints Day in procession dressed as Saints, on Christmas Eve in a pageant, and on other occasions to sing.

A faithful team of teachers are committed to children’s Christian formation with the understanding that it is a lifelong process, happening in community and shaping all of us into the people God created us to be.

We welcome all children and encourage parishioners to invite families with children to join us—as well as grandparents to bring their grandchildren. This is a gift to share.