Listening Reflections are courtesy of The Rev. Canon Marlin Whitmer.

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August 12, 2023Florence Nightingale Remembered
September 13, 2021Denying Evident Truths
January 17, 2021Befriender Forum Link
April 1, 2019The Sports Page
April 1, 2019A Blog On Listening To Scripture, Others, And Ourselves
February 4, 2019From Blind To Seeing
July 31, 2018A Mental Health Sermon
March 1, 2017The Talking Cure
March 1, 2017The Mary Model
March 1, 2017Listening Triads
March 1, 2017Story Listening History
March 1, 2017My First Cpe Experience
March 1, 2017Composite
March 1, 2017The People ‘s Liturgy
March 1, 2017Reflection On The Gospel From 2004
March 1, 2017From The Ground Up
March 1, 2017Advent And Midwifery
March 1, 2017Chewing The Cud – Holy Cow
March 1, 2017Sojourners In Cyberspace